Medical Polymer Films & Laminates

Polyzen is an innovative developer and manufacturer of polymer films and laminates for a broad range of medical applications. We specialize in single and multilayer extruded films in various sizes, thicknesses, and material formulations. Our in-house capabilities include material formulation, film prototyping, film production, testing, inspection, validation, assembly, and logistics management. Combined with our extensive knowledge of medical device quality and regulation standards, Polyzen has become a trusted film supplier to medical device OEMs worldwide.

Medical Film Applications

At Polyzen, we’re capable of developing and producing everything from monolayer extruded films to multilayer barrier film constructions, carrier and fabric laminates, and co-extrusions. Our polymer film sheets can be used for wound care, surgical garments, hospital mattress covers, anti-static applications and much more. Combined with other in-house processing capabilities—thin-film welding, thermoforming, coating, etc.—we can create complex medical bags, bladders, and membranes.

Medical Polymer Film Materials

Polyzen is capable of producing films and laminates from an array of materials. Options include thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), polyamides (nylons, Pebax®), polyesters (Hytrel®, Arnitel®), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), polypropylene, polyethylene, and more. Multi-layer films using these and other materials are also available.


About Polyzen

Polyzen, Inc. is a leading contract developer and manufacturer of custom medical-grade polymer components and products for medical device manufacturers worldwide. With fully equipped facilities in Apex, NC, we’re capable of taking any customer’s concept from prototype to full-scale production. We offer a variety of technologies and turnkey services to meet the most demanding application and regulatory challenges.

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