Medical Device Technologies

Polyzen’s determination to provide the most comprehensive solutions for development and manufacturing since 1991 has resulted in extensive expertise in advanced technologies for medical devices. These technologies are used throughout the medical industry today and include:

Polymer Films & Laminates

Polyzen is an innovative developer and manufacturer of polymer films and laminates for a broad range of medical and non-medical applications. We specialize in single and multilayer extruded films in various sizes, thicknesses, and material formulations.

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Medical Tubing

Polyzen offers state-of-the-art small-diameter tube manufacturing for minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic devices as well as large, thin-walled blown tubing for protective sleeves.

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Medical Balloons

Polyzen is a premier manufacturer and supplier of low-pressure and high-pressure medical balloons in standard and custom sizes, shapes, and configurations. These balloons are made using a variety of manufacturing processes depending on customer specifications and device requirements.

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Bags, Bladders, & Membranes

Polyzen is renowned for our ability to produce an array of medical bags, bladders, and membranes in many standard and custom sizes, shapes, and configurations. Our in-house material formulation, product development, extrusion, film welding, and inspection capabilities ensure we always provide the best quality bags, bladders, and membranes to the customer.

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Sheaths & Barrier Sleeves

The Polyzen team specializes in developing and manufacturing a broad range of sheaths and barrier sleeves for medical instruments, probes, and other devices. Whether it’s simple monolayer sleeves or complex constructions featuring custom laminations and unique applications, we’re well-known for delivering consistent and cost-effective quality.

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Coatings & Surface Modification

Custom coatings and polymer surface modifications can be used for many medical product applications, and Polyzen can handle it all in-house. We are capable of coating stents, wire cages, scaffolding, scope tubing, wires, and much more. Our specialty coatings include hydrophilic, antimicrobial, and anti-thrombogenic properties, among many other custom options.

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Drug/Device Combination Products

Cutting-edge combination drug-delivery products are a special area of growth and focus for the Polyzen team. We have in-house personnel with the pharmaceutical, chemistry, and material science knowledge needed to combine powdered drugs with unique polymer formulations to create drug matrixes, films, tablets, and coatings on many devices.

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Your Single-Source Partner

We take pride in offering a custom-tailored, full-service solution to all customers. Our team of material, design, process, and quality experts serve as an extension of our customer’s team adding value, shortening lead times, and reduce capital expenditures.

With an array of in-house polymer science, polymer processing, assembly, quality, and regulatory capabilities, we can manage the entire product lifecycle from concept through manufacturing. Throughout the process, we provide outstanding communication and excellent customer service. The results of these efforts are well-known in the medical device industry.

About Polyzen

Polyzen, Inc. is a leading contract developer and manufacturer of custom medical-grade polymer components and products for medical device manufacturers worldwide. With fully equipped facilities in Apex, NC, we’re capable of taking any customer’s concept from prototype to full-scale production. We offer a variety of technologies and turnkey services to meet the most demanding application and regulatory challenges.

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