Medical Dip Molding, Coating, & Casting

Dip Molding, Coating, and Casting is a process using liquid resin solution and depositing the material on a mold or substrate, allowing the resin to cure and then demolding of the component. These processes are used to make products such as medical balloons or coating of stents, baskets, or catheters.

Dip molding is ideal for producing thin-walled, highly compliant balloons, coating stents and wires, casting specialty films, and more. Dip molding does not produce seams or mold parting lines on components, and it is ideal for fast prototyping and large-volume production runs. Dip and specialty coatings can provide soft grips or protective coatings to surgical instruments, containers, or components.

Polyzen has extensive experience and in-house capabilities to dip mold with thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), silicone rubbers, and other polymer dispersions or solutions. In-house polymer solution formulation and mold development allows us to provide quick turnaround on dip molded, cast, and coated prototypes.

Dip Molding Applications

Dip molding and coating is extremely versatile and has been used for a wide range of applications from gloves to vascular stents. Several high-performance medical device components that use this process include:

Medical Balloons

Dip molding allows for the development and production of thin-wall, highly compliant balloons for a variety of medical applications. These include everything from low-pressure balloons to condoms, gloves, and other similar products.

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Barrier Sleeves

Dip molding is ideal for producing multifunctional barrier sleeves in an array of materials and shapes. We can also add performance enhancing coatings to molded sleeves, including antimicrobial, hydrophilic, and drug coatings.

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Stent, Metal Scaffold, or Specialty Device Coatings

Dip Coating a proven technique for coating all types of components, including stents, wire cages or baskets, catheters, scaffoldings, sensors, and scope tubing. Specialty polymer or functional coatings can be used to protect the underlying structure or add function benefits, such as enhanced lubricity (hydrophilic coatings), infection protection (antimicrobial coatings), or drug delivery (coatings with active pharmaceutical ingredients).

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Polyzen Dip Molding and Coating Capabilities

Typical Dimensions
  • Thickness ≈ 0.0003 – 0.020 inches
Typical Materials
Quality & Testing
  • Laser Micrometer
  • Measurement Microscope
  • Drop Gauge
  • Pressure Decay Leak Testing
Secondary Processing
  • Laser Cutting/Drilling
  • Assembly

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