Drug/Device Combination Products

The number of healthcare products that combine drugs with devices is rapidly increasing as developers seek to enhance therapeutic efficacy of existing products or create entirely new therapeutic treatments. The best-known device/drug “combination device” is the drug­-eluting stent (DES), which is a scaffold coated with a drug to prevent scar tissue from growing in an artery. However, combination products today include drug-coated devices, drug delivery devices, and drugs packaged with devices.

Polyzen has invested significant time and resources into expanding in-house capabilities with drug/device combination products. Our unique expertise involves selecting the right polymer material or formulation and then blending of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with the polymer. These drug/polymer blends are used for device coatings or forming of device components to achieve the appropriate elution profiles.

How Drug/Device Combination Products Work

Generally, these state-of-the-art drug/device combination products are a polymer film, matrix, tablet, or coating that has a drug compound integrated chemically at a very precise potency and concentration. The result is a functional medical device, such as a stent, bag, chamber, membrane, ocular insert, wound-care patch, or medical balloon that allows the drug to be released continually in controlled doses. It’s critical for our team to understand all of the proper processing, handling, and storage techniques to prevent drug degradation and ensure the required performance. Our team has experience in specific applications ranging from oncology to cardiology, wound care, ophthalmology, and beyond, further enhancing our success with combination drug-delivery products.

Chemistry & Material Formulation

One of the most critical challenges in drug/device combination products is selecting the right polymer for the right drug and ensuring a balanced relationship between them. That’s what makes Polyzen’s expertise with polymer formulation, chemistry, and processing so important: we’re already equipped to deliver excellence in combination drug-device products in-house.


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