Tilak Shah


Tilak founded the company in 1991 and continues to support the Polyzen team actively through business and technical mentorship.

Tilak is an inventor, entrepreneur, and problem-solver with over 45 years of experience in thermoplastic polyurethane. This includes developing the first commercial family of TPU resins for biomaterial applications (Pellethane 2363 Series) and broad range of materials, processes, applications, and markets. He is the author and co-author of several technical papers and articles in the field of polymer formulations, alloys, blends, and unique polymer fabrication technology. He has filed more than 40 invention disclosures, resulting in over 30 patents in the field of polyurethane, polymer processing, and medical devices.

Tilak Shah Loves:
  • Innovation
  • Hiking
  • Road Rallying with Friends
Tilak - Formal

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