Polyzen is Issued a Patent for Their Prostate Immobilization Balloon

Polyzen, Inc. announces the July 12, 2011 issue by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of U.S. Patent 7,976,497 for the company’s Prostate Immobilization Balloon (other patents pending).

Polyzen has developed a unique process capability which uses proprietary thermoforming and RF welding capabilities, combined with various thermoplastic films, resulting in the development and production of multi-layered balloon-like structures, which can be used for numerous diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The Prostate Immobilization Balloon is just one example of many different designs and configurations developed by Polyzen.

The Polyzen Prostate Immobilizer represents a major advance in the field of prostate cancer treatment, in the provision of an inflatable support that is articulated to provide precise positioning and cradling of the prostate during radiation therapy. As a result, therapeutic dosing is able to be carried out with a degree of positional accuracy and reliability, thereby affording significant benefits to both physician and patient alike.

The Prostate Immobilizer was originally developed by Polyzen for its intended use in this market. With the issuance of this patent, Polyzen is now the exclusive source of the Prostate Immobilization Balloon.

Polyzen has become a recognized as a leading dependable single-source solution provider for many of the leading medical device OEMs since its inception in 1991. From prototype of initial design concept to full-scale production, Polyzen has a proven track record in delivering countless, high-quality customized specialty components and fully assembled medical device sourcing for both large and small medical device OEM companies.

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Polyzen, Inc. is a leading contract developer and manufacturer of custom medical-grade polymer components and products for medical device manufacturers worldwide. With fully equipped facilities in Apex, NC, we’re capable of taking any customer’s concept from prototype to full-scale production. We offer a variety of technologies and turnkey services to meet the most demanding application and regulatory challenges.

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