Proprietary New Polyurethane Film-Weld Seal System Makes an Invisible Seal as Strong as the Material Itself

Ideal for Products Ranging from Organ Bags to Barrier Sleeves to Instrument Covers

A proprietary new thin-film class-10,000 clean room welding system from medical device contract manufacturer and OEM supplier Polyzen, Inc. can be used in the manufacture of thin polyurethane film products for making a seal which is nearly invisible, can barely be seen or felt, and is as strong as the material itself. Applications include organ bags, oversized pressure cuffs, medical instrument and scope covers, protective barrier sleeves, specimen and tissue bags, male and female prophylactic devices, or any other product made of polyurethane film, in sizes up to 18″ wide by 24″ long and longer.

Medically-approved proprietary polyurethane films from Polyzen, along with the firm’s proprietary welding systems and dipping processes, are finding increased usage worldwide among medical products OEMs as stronger and non-allergenic alternatives to other materials, particularly natural latex. The company can provide components or fully fabricate and assemble products. According to company sources, no other film welding system can achieve the benefits possible with this proprietary process, which claims weld strengths up to 2,500 psi for films ranging from 1 to 10 mil thicknesses. In addition, the entire welding operation is accomplished in a class-10,000 clean room environment. Polyzen is believed to be the only company to offer this service. The firm is FDA registered, GMP compliant, and expects to be ISO 9002 certified by the first quarter of 1999.

The medical and polymer divisions of Polyzen, Inc. offer a one-stop source for the production of quality products and materials for medical device OEMs. Products and services of Polyzen include thin film welding, dip molding of both polyurethane and silicone materials, thermo/vacuum forming, thin-wall film (1-10 mils), lay-flat tubing (1-5 mils), blow molding of balloons, bellows, and containers, catheter and device assembly, and kit packing. Specialities of Polyzen include contract research and development, specialty polymer formulations, and development and radiopaque compounding. The firm is FDA registered, GMP compliant, and has class-10,000 clean room facilities. Polyzen is also ISO 9002 certified.

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Polyzen is a leading developer and manufacturer of customized polymer-based materials, films, components, and assemblies for the medical device and life science industries. From prototype development through full-scale production, we take pride in our quality, technical expertise, and customer service, and strive to provide the best value through-out the product life-cycle.

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